Friday, February 1, 2008

Give The Gift Of A Spiffy Blog!

I have been asked if Spiffy Blogs or Spiffy Headers can be given as a gift to another family. Yes, yes, of course! You just pay for their Spiffy Gift through PayPal.

Next, you have two options:
1.) You can choose the scrapbooking kit for your friend and together we will create their Spiffy Blog or Header in my top secret Spiffy Blog Test Zone. When it is finished, you can send them a link to show them what their new Spiffy Blog will look like when I install the HTML into their own blog. What a great surprise!

2.)You can let your friend choose their own digital scrapbooking kit, purchase it for them and then I will work with them on designing their perfect blog or header.

When we traveled in July we were given the gift of an amazing website by friends who knew that a nice website just wasn't in our budget. I remember how thrilled I was that these friends thought so much of us that they wanted to do something so special just for us.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance!

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